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TigerRidge - Consultancy Services

IT Consulting Services

We work with organisations of all types and sizes:


We can help you to create your local area network (LAN),- from initial inception to delivery and installation of a final working solution - and we can help you to maintain and upgrade it.

We can also help you one a "one-off" basis -  trouble-shooting and solving specific problems that you can't track down or just need extra help fixing.

We work with most common IT networking technologies and products including Microsoft, Citrix and all TigerRidge supported products.

Whether you have your own IT staff or not, we will work with you, giving you all the help you need to get the computer network that works best for you and your business.  We will work with you in the way that suits you best - either on a day-by-day, problem-by-problem basis where you call us in for a specific task, or on a regular support contract basis whereby we are on the end of the phone when you need us and we will visit you regularly to check things are working, perform necessary updates and fix minor issues.  Whether you want to see us once a day, once a week or once in a blue moon, we are flexible enough to fit in with what suits you best.

For examples of how we’ve helped other companies, please review our growing section of case studies.

Further areas of consultancy include:


Why choose TigerRidge?

We combine up to date knowledge with years of solid, hands-on experience.

Our consultants understand technology - new and old.  Most IT companies out there should be able to say that their consultants are trained to work with the latest technologies, but not all of them can back that latest knowledge with years of practical experience in the IT industry.  Our average consultant has between 10 and 20 years of industry experience working with companies of all types and sizes.  (Though they might not appreciate us mentioning it, some were in the industry when the PC was the new kid on the block and Mr Sugar had to do his own selling! :-) )  So, even if the problem you are facing is new, there is a good chance that we will have dealt with something similar before - and, even if we haven't, our consultants have the necessary experience to reliably trouble-shoot and diagnose most things and to find a solution - if one exists, they will generally find it!

We appreciate our customers and work hard to keep them

At TigerRidge we value our customers and work hard to establish long-standing relationships.  Because we look at things long-term, you can be sure that we won't risk that relationship by giving you anything less than excellent service.

We are proud to say that we still have the first customers we signed back in 1998, along with many others with whom we’ve developed a lasting association since then.

Our customers say we’re a very professional (but fun!) group to work with. We delight in taming their computer systems - making the technology work for the people, not the other way round - and in doing it without drama or fuss, but with a smile where possible!
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