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About TigerRidge - Our History

How We Work

Working with TigerRidge can be a little different to some other IT consultancy companies.  There are lots of reasons for this, but here are three of the most important ones.

We work with you in the way that suits you best

Whether you have your own IT staff or not, we will work with you, giving you all the help you need to get the computer network that works best for you and your organisation.  We will work with you in the way that suits you best - either on a day-by-day, problem-by-problem basis where you call us in for a specific task, or on a regular support contract basis whereby we are on the end of the phone when you need us and we will visit you regularly to check things are working, perform necessary updates and fix minor issues.  Whether you want to see us once a day, once a week or once in a blue moon, we are flexible enough to fit in with what suits you best.

We can also help by providing backup when your IT department is stretched - during holidays for example, or during major upgrades or reconfigurations.  We can work on your site or be on the end of the phone whenever you need additional help for an out of the ordinary problem.

We recommend what you need Ė no more, no less. And we make it work for you.

The result? You get more done in less time. Your computers work reliably. And youíll feel that you have control over your IT network, not it over you.

We are not swayed by marketing hype from the major manufacturers. We donít rush to recommend the latest must-have gadget simply because itís the latest new thing. But if that new technology could give you a real advantage over your competitors, we will be there to explain it to you and let you decide. 

We wonít recommend or sell you anything you donít need.  And, though we can provide almost anything you need for your IT network, we don't insist that you buy from us - if you are happy with your existing suppliers, we can just give you a list of what you need and just concentrate on installing and configuring the kit when it arrives.  We are happy to work in whatever way suits you best.

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