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TigerRidge - IT Training Services

Practical, Hands-on IT Training

Training Courses

Want to invest in training that you can use immediately? Come to TigerRidge. We teach you how to use the latest IT technologies, not just pass exams on them.

Our instructors are all consultants with an average of 10 to 20 years (or more) of working experience solving problems in the real world. They offer practical introduction and training with an emphasis on hands-on workshops with real-life scenarios and problems.

Our courses are designed to help you or your employees perform better and more efficiently. There’s nothing “off-the-shelf” about our courses. We can tailor the content to address the most pressing issues and specific needs of your organization. This means that delegates will leave the course ready to put what they have learned into action straightaway, not just with another paper qualification to boost their CVs!

We usually run courses for individual organizations. Courses can take place at your offices, our office or an external training room - whatever works best for you. (For this reason, we don’t publish regular timetables for courses that individual delegates can book.)

We determine costs by number of people and the location at which you would like it to be held. If you have several people to train at the same time, our training courses offer an attractive financial advantage. Even if you only need to train one or two people, the customisable nature of our training can provide substantial cost and time savings to you and your organisation. Your delegates learn exactly what they need to know in a single course, rather than wasting time and money attending a variety of courses elsewhere.

And since we’ll adapt the course to your organizations own particular situation and needs, you will get consultancy for free at the same time!


Our workshops are designed to provide a practical introduction to new releases or updates, new products and any other new areas that we think will benefit our customers.

We will introduce the changes or new technology using "real-life" scenarios and problems so that the benefits can be related back to your own business environment.

Our workshops provide an opportunity to try new features in a safe environment using our network not yours allowing you to assess the impact and changes and plan them into your upgrade schedule accordingly.

Our workshops place emphasis on practical real life scenarios and problems, so are better suited to those delegates who wish to gain a practical knowledge, rather than those who simply wish to pass certification exams.


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