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TigerRidge - IT Training Services

Training a Better Way


We can provide training at the location that works best for you - at our offices, at your offices or at mutually suitable third-party location.

We specialise in bespoke, custom and "closed" training courses, where we provide a dedicated course for groups of people from the same company or who share some other link.  For this reason, we do not provide a published course schedule.


A Better Training Experience

As with most things at TigerRidge, we have tried to make training here a more pleasant experience. Some of the ways we do this include:

* The practical courses *

How many times have you gone home from a training class full of spurious facts but still unclear on how to actually use what you have been taught?

We teach you how to actually use products, not just pass exams on them.

* Instructors who can actually "do", not just teach *

You will learn from one of our consultants, not from instructors who spend their whole lives in the classroom teaching. You get the best of both worlds. Our instructors all have years of experience at some of the UK's best known IT training centres. But more importantly, they actually go out and consult with real companies and solve actual problems. As a result, they offer a real-world perspective instead of what the book says it should be.

* The spacious environment *

We don't pack people in - we limit delegate numbers to ensure individual attention.

Unlike the increasing numbers of training companies who work on the "keep courses cheap but pack them in to do it", we prefer to keep numbers low - normally no more than 6 on a course, often less.  This ensures that you are really comfortable and guarantees you all the individual attention you might need.

* The extra effort we make to keep our customers happy *

Where training occurs at our offices (or other locations where we have control of the catering) we do try to go the extra mile to keep you smiling.  For example:

.... We could go on, but we think you get the general idea!

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